JSONiq: The JSON Query Language

by Virender
March 27, 2015

JSONiq is a query and processing language designed for JSON data model. JSONiq is a XQuery based query language. XQuery is the standard query language for XML.

JSONiq fully support XQuery language, with the help of JSONiq we can write a queries which can run on JSON, XML and HTML. JSON expression perform SQL like operations like FOR, LET, WHERE, GROUP BY and SELECT.

JSONiq supports JSON to JSON transformations. JSONiq is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

See following JSONiq example:

let $stats := collection(“stats”)
for $access in $stats
group by $url := $access.url
  “url”: $url,
  “avg”: avg($access.response_time),
  “hits”: count($access)


Zorba: JSONiq and JSONiq Extension to XQuery

28.io: JSONiq and JSONiq Extension to XQuery (based on Zorba)
IBMWebSphere: JSONiq extension to XQuery

BeniBela Internet Tools: JSONiq extension to XQuery

Website http://www.jsoniq.org/



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