How to Set-Up a Proxy Server On Windows

by Virender
September 13, 2015

Proxy server is use to distribute internet in secure way.  Proxy server acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers or Internet
Many organic use proxy server to stop directly access outside resource . 
Proxy server distribute Internet from one source. So can control everything from proxy Server.
Today I am showing proxy server implementation on windows platform step up by step.
1. Download AnalogX proxy server
2. Install AnalogX Proxy Server
3. Start Proxy Server
4. Check Proxy Server Configuration
5. Establishing Proxy Server Connection
6. Setup Proxy in web browser on Local
7. Verify Proxy Server on  Local
Step 1. Download AnalogX proxy server
for download AnalogX proxy server use following URL
Step 2. Install AnalogX Proxy Server

Note :-  Remember this installation path , You need this later.

Step 3. Start Proxy Server
Go into AnalogX installed path , Which you used in the time of installation . For me I Used following path
“C:Program Files (x86)AnalogXProxy”
You will see following files inside folder, Click on “proxy.exe”, It will show you warning screen , just click “Ok”

Step 4. Check Proxy Server Configuration

After click on “proxy.exe”, AnalogX proxy icon will appear on right button of window in green and block color.  See Image below.
Now right click on AnalogX proxy icon and select “Configure”  and You can disable Services here and after then click “OK

You can read more about AnalogX proxy in “proxy.txt” file in AnalogX installed directory.

Step 5. Establishing Proxy Server Connection
Proxy Server configured successfully , now you have a proxy server running on port 6588 of your local computer.
For access proxy from another computer you need to  know the local IP address of your computer.

You can run “ipconfig” on command prompt it will show you , local system IP. For my system its showing “”

Step 6. Setup Proxy in web browser on Local
Now test proxy in Google chrome. Open Google Chrome and click right  to button, just like  showing into image.  And click into “Settings” button.

When you will click on “Settings” button , Google Settings Detail Page will be appear.

Now click on “Show advanced settings..” button. It will show you “Network” tab . Now click on “Change proxy settings” button. 
When you will click on “Change proxy settings” button , It will show you “Internet Properties” .
Now click on “LAN Settings”
Now “Internet Properties” dialog box will be appear.  

You can see “Proxy Server”Section , Check the “Use a proxy server for you LAN” and put Proxy Server path and “Port” Number.

Step 6 .Test Proxy Server on Local

Now Access internet , If it work, that means proxy server and proxy web browser configured successfully.

Step 7. Verify Proxy Server on  Local

Now check that internet working with wrong proxy address . Just put wrong proxy address into “Address” Like and click ok

Now check internet working or not. If internet will not work . It will show you message like this “Unable to connect to the proxy server”.



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